Morenian tools develop environmental collaboration processes


  • Marjut Partanen-Hertell


Moreno, Jacob Levy, 1892-1974, environmental education, role playing, mental model, intelligence


People of various backgrounds collaborate on environmental issues. They may have the same explicit goals, but their immaterial cultural conserves, e.g. mental models, rules and values ‒ their tacit knowledge ‒, often diverge. Morenian tools such as sociodrama and relationmetry realize mental models, attitudes and values, helping to create a collective perception. This frees time for real problem solving and forms a holistic understanding of complex underlying structures. The use of Morenian methods might lead faster to proper solutions. The focus is on ways to enrich and speed up multinational collaboration connected to environmental, social and economic themes, thus sustainable development. Great interest lies in the possibility of uniting explicit planning methods, including computerized aids with Morenian tools.


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