Knowledge, intersubjectivity and social practices

  • Liana Fortunato Costa Universidade de Brasília – Brasília (DF), Brazil.
  • Maria Inês Gandolfo Conceição Universidade de Brasília – Brasília (DF), Brazil.
Keywords: Intersubjectivity, Interpersonal relationship, Social action, Psychodrama


The paper focuses on the concept of intersubjectivity and its importance for guiding community actions and the consequent construction of new social practices. Authors who have an epistemological reference in the focus of interrelationships, emphasizing the field of interaction as the locus in which encounters, mismatches, problems, and solutions to human issues occur, are presented. The concepts of Jacob Levy Moreno, creator of psychodrama, are laid out to support the premise that there is no possibility of one man alone; instead, there will always be a man and the other, a role and its counter role. That being said, affectivity is one of the nuclei that generate bonds and the development of groups, while, according to Moreno, the greatest expression of affectivity is the release of spontaneity-creativity.



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