Brief operationalised sociodramatic intervention (BOSI)


  • Leila Maria Vieira Kim


Sociodrama, spontaneous theatre, countertransference, role of leader, basic assumptions and working group


BOSI – Brief Operational Sociodramatic Intervention is based in psychodramatic study, combined with the psychoanalytic method applied to the socio-educational field. It considers that the affective group climate of "basic assumptions" of dependency, attack-run and mating (Bion) is induced by the leader's countertransferential responses (person who help a group to become more effective, creating and achieving common goals, by stimulating participation). It assumes that the socio-dramatic procedure allows the emergence of the functional significance of repetition/practice contained in the countertransferential responses of leaders, what can contribute to better group productivity, in different social contexts. The quality of the relationship between the leader and the participants of their reference group is analyzed from the "basic assumptions" made present in the co-constructed scenes, in sub-groups related to four areas of adaptation: emotional-relational, productivity, organic and socio-cultural. Then, by means of spontaneous theater, the routing of new and more appropriate responses is provided, in the sense of becoming a working group focused on the task. The technique of role reversal is indicated as a tool for resolving inter-cultural conflicts, once the members of a sub-group can experience roles that exist in other subgroups. The good result of this proposal is guaranteed by the characters projected in the protagonic scene, who reflect and resolve conflicts in the group without exposing participants of the BOSI. Thus, the identity, subjective identification and the role of leader are linked. In this article, the author describes the procedure used as initial diagnostic intervention in groups of leaders. After diagnosis, the plan of activities is composed and applied in four to eight thematized socio-dramatic meetings. Thus, this procedure favors the development of the critical capacity of reflecting on own thinking and actions in an internal psychic space, which allows the construction of the knowledge of unconscious aspects that the leader does not know about the fundamental basis of conflicts and problem-situations and its resolutions today.


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