Sociodrama: action mechanisms and directing strategies at two public events

  • Anna Maria Knobel Instituto Sedes Sapientiae – Departamento de Psicodrama – São Paulo (SP), Brazil.
Keywords: Sociodrama, Group, Direction strategies, Relational structures, Group dynamics


The author describes the origins of morenian Sociodrama, its action mechanisms, its practices and the Director’s action strategies. She defines group, points to the existence of different focuses for directing: protagonist, spontaneous and relational, comprehensively showing the workings of the sociometric-relational model, which works through the affective forces of approximation, distancing or indifference of each participant concerning the other ones. It also shows that mutual choices produce group cohesion and discordant choices produce conflicting dynamics. She indicates that this type of practice holds its pillars: modes of interaction, shared goals and roles, relational structures and functioning group dynamics. The author uses as examples two public interventions on which the sociometric criteria were applied.



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