Psychic transmission of fear and its rematrix by the active method


  • Simone Araújo Nicastro
  • Sonia Lisboa Ribeiro


psychic transmission, psychodrama, fear, family, unconscious alliances


This article proposes a reflection on parents’ psychic transmission to children and symptom and fantasy production in children. To this end, an analysis was made of the unconscious alliances established in a family group, in which shame and secrets are the primary basis for the formation of the pathologies of fear transmission. Through sessions of parenting orientation, it was introduced to the intra-psychic spaces to facilitate the rematrix of fantastical stories of the children and the disarticulation of their symptoms. Therefore, it was demonstrated by the Active Method, which integrates Psychoanalysis and Psychodrama, through intermediary objects, to obtains results in a case that portrays the family as an open system in which fear installs itself in identified patients.


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Araújo Nicastro, S. ., & Lisboa Ribeiro, S. . (2019). Psychic transmission of fear and its rematrix by the active method. Revista Brasileira De Psicodrama, 27(1), 29–38. Retrieved from



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